About the firm:

The law firm of Yosef Yeshurun ​​& Co. has existed and operated continuously for nearly fifty years, since 1963, and provides legal advice and representation to many institutional and public clients, along with commercial entities and private clients.

The office is located on Pal-Yam Blvd. in Haifa, next to the courts and the Government Quarter. There is disabled access. Parking available to our customers (for a fee), nearby. The location of the firm assists in providing services to the firm's clients, efficiently and quickly.

During its decades of operation, the firm has provided generations of lawyers and judges in all courts - active in all areas of law in Israel. The firm has many legal precedents in various fields, which are currently taught in law faculties and are milestones in the development of case law in the State of Israel.  

Throughout the firm's years of operation, attorneys have dealt with it intensively - in most common legal disciplines, as well as in industries that require unique expertise, such as shipping law, patents and knowledge agreements, planning and construction law and more.

All the lawyers in the firm are heavily involved in litigation, in all courts. The firm has a large and skilled execution system, which works to collect debts for the firm's clients on a large scale. The firm specializes in debt collection in all sectors, and its staff includes foreign-language speakers, as needed. 

All partners in the firm hold/have to hand an authorization/ authority? on behalf of the Attorney General to serve as prosecutors in criminal proceedings and to represent him in various civil proceedings.