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Areas of expertise

During its many years of activity, Yosef Yeshurun ​​& Co. has gained knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas of activity, including:

Planning and Building:

Urban renewal:

Environmental protection law:

Legal Collection and Execution:

The Planning and Construction Department at Yosef Yeshurun ​​& Co. is one of the leading and most prominent in the field and is ranked in this field as a leading firm by BDI. The department is headed by Adv. Shahar Levinzon.

The Environmental Protection Department of Yosef Yeshurun ​​& Co., managed by Adv. Oren Katz, is a unique department in the Israeli law market, which in recent years has provided exclusive legal service and assistance to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which is the major and most important enforcement body in Israel.

In recent years, there has been significant growth in the volume of real estate projects of the urban renewal type (TAMA 38). The projects provide a huge advantage in the optimal utilization and improvement of rights in real estate, which is of the type found in the market: a "normal" residential apartment.

In Israel, every year, there is a steady increase in the number of debtors, who are in debt without the ability to pay them. Thus, with each passing year, the number of people in bankruptcy proceedings increases, the number of applications filed for liquidation of companies that have collapsed under the economic burden increases, and the number of debt claim filed with the Bureau of Execution increases.

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Torts Department:

Maritime Law:

Administrative Law:

The tort department at Yosef Yeshurun ​​& Co. specializes in tort and insurance claims. Our firm specializes in a variety of tort areas, including claims for work accidents, road accidents, property claims, conducting negotiations with insurance companies and more.

The Department of Administrative Law at Yosef Yeshurun ​​& Co. has proven experience in conducting administrative proceedings. The department is headed by Adv. Oren Katz.

The Maritime Law Department of Yosef Yeshurun ​​& Co. is one of the most prominent veteran departments in Israel. The department is headed by Adv. Shahar Levinzon.

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