Memory for walkers

The late Yosef Yeshurun


The late Adv. Yeshurun ​​- was born in Haifa, in 1933, and worked there - for over a decade - "as an attorney", during his professional life.

The firm was established by Adv. Yeshurun ​​in 1963, after retiring from his job at the Salomon-Lifshitz firm - making him, in his vision and ten fingers, one of the leaders in the law firms in Haifa and the north.

Adv. Yeshurun ​​- established and led in the firm an ongoing tradition of activity according to high standards and standards of customer service, while stubbornly, resolutely and consistently insisting on exercising the rights of the firm's clients.

For decades, the firm - headed and led by the late Adv. Yeshurun ​​- has represented Discount Bank, as well as representing many clients in various and diverse fields, in Israel and abroad.

During his military service, Adv. Yeshurun ​​served - regularly and in reserve - as a battalion commander, and held senior positions in the military prosecutor's office.

In the years 2006-2007, he added to his firm the current partners in the firm, whose activities have expanded while diversifying its legal areas.

Adv. Yeshurun ​​left us in 2016, and his lack is still noticeable.

Of blessed memory.

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